Quantum Cloud

On-line access to your group's, investment reports important taxation and legal documentation.

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View Investment Reports and update your Personal Details

View all your contact details and real-time investment reports for your SMSF or Investment Entity.

Document Vault

Storage of all your past taxation returns, financial statements, trust deeds and other important documents. You can access documents or add documents for electronic storage simply by using your log-in details.

Tax and Accounts Checklist

Any enquires of yearly transactions on your portfolio's financial statements or investments are accessible to allow easy enquiry of any outstanding information, located at one on-line or taxation source documents for electronic storage until you are ready for Quantum to complete your tax return.

Quantum Cloud Manual

  (View PDF Version)
Click on the blue Log in tab on the top right hand side.
Enter your User name and Password as per your invitation email.
Click and the Quantum Tax and/or Quantum Funds tab on the top line and you are in the Cloud.
If you haven’t received an invitation and would like access, please contact Quantum office 02 8823 5222 or email qap@quantumgroup.com.au.
You should now see your personal contact details. If any of these need updating, simply click on edit and this allow you to update the correct details.
Each of your tax or Investment entity/ies is treated as a separate Portfolio. To view each Portfolio click on the Client Portfolios tab located on the left hand navigation bar. You will now see each Portfolio in your group. Click on the Portfolio name to view details of that Portfolio, including a summary of financial accounts and investment information. From each Client Portfolio screen you can also access the Accounts Checklist for each Portfolio and view any transactions (Unmatched transaction) that require an explanation before processing, prior to completing your full financial accounts.
Where there are transactions requiring explanation before processing or “Unmatched Transactions” we will notify you by email. The email will link you directly to the transaction tab in the relevant Client Portfolio and from there you can provide a description and/or more information, including documents or files, in respect of each Unmatched Transaction. Once you have answered each query you click the submit button and we are notified that you have provided the information requested.
The Accounts Checklist is located under your client Portfolios tab on the right hand of each group Portfolio. Accounting and taxation source documents and electronic files are stored via the Checklist in each financial year for each client Portfolio. The stored documents are then used by our office to complete your financial statements and/or tax returns for that financial year. To upload documents into the Checklist select the Client Portfolios tab and then click on the Accounts Checklist for that Portfolio. You should now be in the Accounts Checklist for that Portfolio as listed as its Portfolio Name. If correct adjust the Tax Year dropdown box to the applicable financial year and find the applicable income, expense or other taxation item that the document relates to. Once the correct item is found click on the Upload button and you will be able to browse your computer for the correct scanned document. Once all relevant documents have been uploaded, click on Update to complete the process. When all the documents are uploaded for that financial year and you are ready to prepare your financial statements and/or tax returns, click on the Notify tab and an email will be sent, notifying us that your accounts are ready to process. There is an Accounts Checklist for all entity Portfolios types, i.e. SMSF, Unit Trusts, Family Trusts, etc.
To view the contents of your Document Vault, click on the Vault tab on the left side of the navigation bar. All the documents in the Vault are listed under each group Portfolio. Click on the document description and you can view and/or print that document.
Other important documents such as wills, insurance policies etc. can be uploaded into your Vault for safe storage. Documents are uploaded via the relevant Client Portfolio type. To upload click on Client Portfolios tab and choose the relevant portfolio by clicking on the Portfolio Name. Once in the relevant Client Portfolio click on the Upload tab located on the left side navigation bar.

Quantum Cloud provides you access to your investment reports for your SMSF or investment vehicle. The reports are produced from live data and can be viewed in real-time 24/7. The following investment reports are available to view on screen or in PDF format which can also be printed:

  1. Investment Snapshot - Real-time holdings by market segment and pie-chart.
  2. Investment Valuation - Real-time asset valuation for each asset held.
  3. Asset Allocation - Real-time valuation of assets by asset allocation.
  4. Asset Strategy - Comparison of real-time asset allocation to trustee's investment strategy.

To access the reports, click on Client Portfolios on the left side navigation bar. Select the Portfolio by clicking on the relevant portfolio name and you will find each report listed on the left side navigation bar titled Investment Reports.